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EPPI is a platform, where music, art and social commitment (M.A.S.C.) come together, founded by the Austrian Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Producer and Music and English Master graduate Franz Eppensteiner. EPPI’s team consists of people who follow their dreams and who work on projects to give help to people in need, which expands almost every day.

The first project, carried out by EPPI is called “I JUST WANNA SEE YOUR SMILE”, which is and will be the core message of EPPI. EPPI can take all kind of formats, for example a music band, organizing charity events, business meetings, artist gatherings, always with the same goal: to help people in need. To help people in the best possible way, music and art are combined to show the audience problems in society, which can be changed, bettered and in the best case solved, but only if many people work together.


About Us

EPPI is M.usic, A.rt and S.ocial C.ommitment. EPPI is M.A.S.C., a platform to bring people together to help people in need.

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hEPPI Singing Night feat. The Beatles
The Place, 457 Jumen Road, Shanghai
Wed, 23 March 2016; 19-22h


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