EPPI - Album COLORS - Teaser

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EPPI - Album COLORS - Teaser

14 January 2016

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EPPI - Album COLORS - Full Teaser

14 January 2016

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(?ber)leben in China

30 December 2015

(?ber)leben in China - Vortrag und Konzert für Kinder mit Lippen- und Gaumenspalte von Franz EppensteinerSo, 3.1.2016, 19h Pfarrsaal Steinakirchen

In The Living Room Pictures

16 December 2015

Check out the pictures about the "In The Livingroom" event

In The Living Room

07 December 2015

check out EPPI's new VIP concerts: In The Living Room!!! more news under events ;)

I Am Ready - online now!!! check it out

22 November 2015

Today is the day!!! The 2nd song of EPPI's 2nd album "COLORS" available now. It's a song for singles ^^

Welcome to EPPI

11 November 2015

Welcome everyone to our brandnew website: "loveppi.com". On this website you will get all the information about EPPI's projects. The fir...


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