Free Band Workshop

EPPI offers to give FREE BAND WORKSHOPS, teaching Drums & Percussion, Keyboard, Guitar and Singing (also Choir).

To apply for a free band workshop, please send an e-mail to with detailed information about:

  • Number of students
  • Date
  • How many days
  • Which instruments
  • Name of organization
  • Name of responsible person
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Address/Location

Terms & Conditions

All costs concerning transportation, food and accommodation have to be covered by the host. Each workshop will be closed with a CHARITY CONCERT, for children who suffer from cleft lip and palate. This concert has to be organized by the host as well. Facilities, instruments and materials, such as pens, paper, blackboard, etc. have to be provided to guarantee a successful workshop. A minimum number of 20 participants is necessary to apply for a FREE BAND WORKSHOP.

About Us

EPPI is M.usic, A.rt and S.ocial C.ommitment. EPPI is M.A.S.C., a platform to bring people together to help people in need.

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hEPPI Singing Night feat. The Beatles
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Wed, 23 March 2016; 19-22h


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