Charity Concert

EPPI will be organizing many charity concerts in the future, to share EPPI’s music everywhere and make people aware of the “I just wanna see your SMILE” project. You have the chance to invite EPPI for a “living room charity concert” or bigger events.

Terms & Conditions

All concerts have the purpose to raise money for cleft lip and/or palate children. Therefore, for a “living room charity concert”, an amount of 10 T-shirts (minimum) have to be purchased. For bigger events, each visitor of the concert will have to buy one t-shirt which is automatically the ticket. One T-shirt will be sold for RMB 100,-, from which 30,- go to the children directly, 20,- are material costs and 50,- go into this project to help EPPI spread the word about the “I just wanna see your SMILE” project, build up the EPPI platform and consequently, by helping children on a long term with giving them a constant income.

If you want to organize a charity concert with EPPI please contact EPPI through with the following information:

  • Size of event
  • How many people attending (approximately)
  • Address/Location
  • Name of responsible person
  • E-mail of responsible person
  • Required date & time

About Us

EPPI is M.usic, A.rt and S.ocial C.ommitment. EPPI is M.A.S.C., a platform to bring people together to help people in need.

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hEPPI Singing Night feat. The Beatles
The Place, 457 Jumen Road, Shanghai
Wed, 23 March 2016; 19-22h


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