Donate for EPPI's project "I just wanna see your SMILE" and help "Future Smile Charitable Foundation" and "SmileAngel Foundation" to be able to enable children to get surgery on a long term. With your donation, you help building up this EPPI platform so that many people, who are interested in supporting this wonderful project, can here about "I just wanna see your SMILE" and consequently help cleft lip and/or palate children. Furthermore, you give EPPI the chance carry out further projects to help more people in need. Your donation is highly appreciated. Thank you for showing your heart.

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About Us

EPPI is M.usic, A.rt and S.ocial C.ommitment. EPPI is M.A.S.C., a platform to bring people together to help people in need.

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hEPPI Singing Night feat. The Beatles
The Place, 457 Jumen Road, Shanghai
Wed, 23 March 2016; 19-22h


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