In China, roughly 1 in 600 children (one every 25 minutes) is born with a cleft lip, cleft palate, perhaps both. Many families cannot afford proper medical treatment, and their children face a lifetime of social and physical hardship. Fortunately, a one-hour surgery can change all this.


EPPI's first project "I just wanna see your SMILE" is a collaboration of directors, musicians, dancers, make up artists, etc. and in particular “Miss Earth China”, “Future Smile Charitable Foundation” and "SmileAngel Foundation", to help such children get surgery. Therefore, EPPI has shot a musicvideo, so that people all over China can be reached easily and invited to join the good cause and donate either for this project directly or by buying a T-shirt on our taobao-shop.

The T-shirts will be sold for RMB 100,- (116,- on Taobao), where 30 % go directly to "Future Smile Charitable Foundation" and "SmileAngel Foundation", 20 % are material costs and 50 % go into this project, so that more and more people hear about "I just wanna see your SMILE". It only takes 167 T-shirts (ca. RMB 5.000,-) to give a cleft lip and/or palate child surgery and consequently a smile. So, if you get one T-shirt, imagine, how fast we can create many smiles. Think about how many people live in China and how easy it will be to find 167 people who want to get our T-shirt and then share the word about this project. One person only will start a snow ball effect, thanks to this musicvideo, which can be easily shared on wechat, to invite many people to get this T-shirt or donate for this project. Please, be one of them and we already achieved our goal, to see your smile and the smile of many, many children. Thank you!




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